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National Orthodontic Health Month 2016

October is National Orthodontic Health Month 2016

Well folks, it’s October again, and you know what that means—pumpkin carving, costumes, candy…and the observance of National Orthodontic Health Month, of course!

That’s right, our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists created this annual, month-long observance to help raise awareness of the importance of good orthodontic health.

In the same spirit of creating awareness, we thought we’d share some orthodontic facts and figures with you today; in other words, everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about orthodontia. 🙂

  • + All orthodontists are dentists, but only 6% of dentists are orthodontists.
  • + Dentists become orthodontists only after finishing 2-3 years of additional specialized training in an ADA approved program.
  • + Egyptian mummies have been found with metal bands in their mouths that archaeologists believe were used to straighten their teeth.
  • + The wiring used in modern braces was originally developed by NASA to be used in the space program.
  • + While many seek out braces for cosmetic purposes, straight teeth and proper jaw alignment have many health benefits, including healthier gums and reduced headaches and neck pain.
  • + Orthodontic treatment time averages 1-2 years, however it varies greatly between patients based on factors such as severity of condition, compliance and type of treatment used.
  • + Early treatment can minimize treatment time and costs down the road, and may even prevent the need for surgery. As such, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an orthodontic screening no later than age 7.
  • + Teeth naturally shift throughout one’s lifetime, which is why retainer wear is so important in maintaining straight teeth after orthodontic treatment.
  • + In fact, an estimated 25% of patients will need braces again later in life because they didn’t wear their retainers as instructed.
  • + Over 4 million people are currently undergoing some form of orthodontic treatment in the U.S., and well over a million of those patients are adults.

Are you or your children among the millions of Americans that are currently receiving orthodontic treatment? If not, now is the perfect time to take that first step toward optimal orthodontic health for you and your family with a free consultation and exam. You can email us anytime to make your appointment, or call between 8am and 5pm Mon-Thurs or 8am and 4pm on Fridays.

We hope you enjoyed this bit of orthodontic trivia we’ve shared with you today, and we wish you a very happy and healthy National Orthodontic Health Month!

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