Smiling Wearing Retainer

After the initial orthodontic treatment is complete, a retainer is often used to keep the teeth in place. The retention phase usually lasts approximately 24 months; during this phase, patient compliance is essential to acheiving and maintaining maximum benefits from orthodontic treatment. It is also important to take care of the retainer by cleaning it regularly and keeping it in a safe place to avoid loss or damage.

Retainer Care Tips:

  • Brush your retainer daily as you would your teeth.
  • Soak in a dental cleaning product monthly for deeper cleaning.
  • Never soak or brush with hot water, which may distort the plastic.
  • Don’t wrap your retainer in a napkin as it can be mistaken for trash.
  • Keep your retainer away from pets—they may see it as a chew toy.

In the event that your retainer becomes damaged or lost, it is important that you contact us right away for a replacement to avoid relapse. Remember, the success and longevity of your new smile is dependent on your cooperation during the retention phase.

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