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Three Tips for a Braces Friendly Halloween from Vancouver Orthodontic Specialists, PLLC

Halloween bucket overflowing with candy

Vancouver Orthodontic Specialists, PLLC would like to wish everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween! And although we recently wrote a post highlighting braces-friendly snacks (and those to avoid), we thought we’d share a few reminders today to help those undergoing orthodontic treatment avoid potential problems while still enjoying all the fun of this treat-centric holiday.

TIP #1: Avoid These Treats

Although it may be tempting to sneak a crunchy, chewy, hard, or sticky candy, it is extremely important to avoid such snacks if you’re wearing braces. We know, we know, “Just one won’t hurt, right?” Well, there’s a chance it won’t, but there’s a greater chance that it will cause damage to your brackets or wires and potentially prolong treatment.

So resist the craving to crunch on hard candies or those containing nuts, and steer clear of anything sticky or chewy, like Skittles, Star Bursts, Tootsie Rolls, bubblegum (even sugarless!), jelly beans, gummies, taffy, and anything containing caramel. Trade out these candies with siblings or friends for your favorite braces-friendly options (see below).

TIP #2: Enjoy These Treats

If you ever needed a reason to eat chocolate, now you have one! Soft chocolate bars and candies—minus the caramel and nuts—are some of the safest options this Halloween for those with braces and orthodontic work. This includes such favorites as Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s chocolate bars and kisses, Peppermint Patties, Kit Kats, and Three Musketeers. Cookies and crackers are fine, too, so long as they aren’t too hard.

TIP #3: Try These Treat Alternatives

If you’re a parent (or anyone) planning to give out candy this Halloween, this last tip is for you: Consider skipping the candy this year, and instead treating your visitors with fun, non-edible options (the dollar store is your friend).

Temporary tattoos, stickers, glow sticks, bubbles, Halloween pens/pencils/erasers, mini-notebooks, vampire fangs, creepy crawlies, and bracelets are all choices that won’t break the bank…and should keep the little ghouls and goblins happy enough to keep the egg off your face house. Hey, at least we didn’t recommend handing out floss and toothbrushes!!

Seriously though, giving your Trick-or-Treaters non-edible treats is not only helpful for those wearing braces, but it also allows kids with serious or even fatal food allergies to participate in this timeless Halloween tradition (read more about the Teal Pumpkin Project here).

We hope these tips help you and your braces-wearing loved ones get the most Happy out of your Halloween this year. And as always, if you have any questions or want to set up a free orthodontic consultation and exam, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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