Please vote for us for best orthodontist of Clark County!

Great news everyone!!

We made it through the first round of voting for Best of Clark County 2018! We would like to give a HUUUGE thank you to everyone who voted for us…and ask for your help one last time:

As one of the 5 top nominees for Best Orthodontist of Clark County, we are now on the final ballot for Best Orthodontist of Clark County 2018. Voting started March 18th and will continue through April 1st.

We ask that you PLEASE vote for us one more time in this final round so that we can be named Best Orthodontist of Clark County. It’s quick and easy and we would truly appreciate your help!

Simply go to our voting page at If you voted in the previous round or in a different category, click on the “Already Entered” link to log in, then click on the green “Vote” button to cast your vote for us.

If this is your first time voting, click on the green “Vote” button, fill in the required fields, then click “Submit.”

Thanks again for the nominations, and thanks in advance for helping us win Best Orthodontist of Clark County 2018 (fingers crossed!)!!