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Is Invisalign® for you?

Girl wearing Invisalign aligners

Although Invisalign® was first introduced back in 1999, it remains a popular orthodontic treatment option due to the convenience, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of these clear, removable plastic aligners.

Still, Invisalign® isn’t right for everyone, so we’ve compiled a few questions that will help you make a preliminary determination as to whether or not Invisalign® fits your (or your child’s) personality, lifestyle, and orthodontic needs.

1. Have all of your permanent teeth grown in?
Invisalign® isn’t indicated for moving baby teeth; as such, this treatment option is typically reserved for teens and adults.

2. Are you responsible?
One of the advantages of Invisalign® is that the aligners are removable, but for some people this can also be a drawback. You will need to remember to replace the aligners after activities such as eating and brushing your teeth, and you will need to keep track of them when you remove them outside of the home (when eating at a restaurant, for example).

3. Will you be committed to your treatment?
Although there is no one set time frame for Invisalign® treatment, you will need to be prepared to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day—every single day—for several months, a year, or even longer depending on the extent of movement required. Additionally, you will need to be willing to wear the aligners even if your teeth are a bit sore, which is fairly common for the few days after you advance to a new set (approximately every 2 weeks).

4. Do you have minor to moderately severe orthodontic issues?
While Invisalign® is effective in treating bite issues (malocclusions), crowding, and gaps in teeth, it is not appropriate for more advanced or complicated cases where major tooth rotation or jaw and bone structure abnormalities are involved (for example).

Although only your Invisalign® Provider can make the final determination as to whether or not Invisalign® is an appropriate treatment option for your unique concerns, if you answered yes to all of these questions and are in good dental health, you are most likely a good candidate for Invisalign®.

Next Steps: From here you can schedule your free consultation and exam with Dr. Irwin, during which he will go over all of your treatment options, answer any questions you may have, and help you make the final decision as to whether Invisalign® is indeed the right choice for you.

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