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Famous Brace Faces

Stylized image of Emma Watson, Niall Horan and Gwen Stefani wearing braces

While it’s common for kids and adults alike to feel insecure about how they’ll look with braces, these celebs prove that you can proudly rock your brace face and look good doing it, even in the midst of the spotlight! Emma Watson The Harry Potter actress gained her magical smile by wearing braces back in Read more…

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Damon®System and Damon®Clear Braces for Kids, Teens and Adults in Vancouver, WA

damon system logo

Here at Vancouver Orthodontic Specialists, PLLC, we offer a variety of state-of-the-art treatment options to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care while keeping office visits, discomfort and overall treatment time to a minimum. Today’s post provides an overview of one of those options—Damon®System. What is Damon®System? The Damon®System is more than just Read more…

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Get the Perfect Smile You’ve Always Wanted in as Little as Six Months!

six month smiles logo woman smiling

Are you self-conscious about your smile, but don’t relish the idea of having a mouth full of metal for a year or more? Do you want a perfect smile to compliment that perfect wedding dress you found, but worry there’s not enough time before the Big Day to do anything about it? Whether you want Read more…

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Braces Friendly Snacks

braces friendly snacks

Snack options for those wearing braces are not as limited as some might think. For a brief period following the initial installation of braces and again after subsequent adjustments, one may need to stick to softer foods. But for the rest of the time, snack options are wide open…well, almost. Read on for a rundown Read more…

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Orthodontic Retainer FAQ


Many who seek orthodontic treatment are under the impression that once the braces come off they can say goodbye to their orthodontist forever. But, the reality is that straightening teeth with braces or Invisalign® is only part of the story; once the teeth have been aligned, retention (wearing a retainer) is necessary to stabilize the Read more…

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8 Signs That Your Child May Need Braces

8 signs your child may need braces

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have their first orthodontic check up by age 7, as early orthodontic care can minimize issues that would require more extensive treatment or even surgery later on in a child’s life. And while orthodontists have specialized training that allow them to detect subtle abnormalities that would go Read more…

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How to Floss with Braces (with video)

flossing with braces

In addition to brushing and rinsing, flossing is an essential part of any good oral hygiene routine. And while it can be a bit trickier and more time consuming if you wear braces, it is now more important than ever to avoid the temptation to skip this step, as disease and cavity-causing plaque has even Read more…

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Video: Brushing teeth with braces using Sonicare toothbrush

brushing braces with Sonicare toothbrush

Once you have braces, it is more important than ever to maintain a good oral hygiene routine because there are more nooks and crannies in which food and plaque can become trapped. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing at least twice a day (and preferably after each meal and snack) is imperative to prevent staining, decay, and Read more…

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